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Why does my RC helicopter spin in circles?

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 on It wasnt that long ago since three new PicooZ R/C Helicopters saw ...
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when i was playing with my RC Helicopter it fell and it couldn't rise anymore it just spins in circles... the module type is Vision SO10 mini 3... pls help!

In a coaxial copter like yours, the tail rotor serves to pitch the copter to go forwards or backwards. The coaxial blades spin in opposite directions to counter act the spin force that a tail rotor would otherwise handle.

What this means for you is that one set of blades is spinning faster than the other, causing the bird to spin around. If you have a trim adjustment on the throttle stick, you can use it to make one motor spin faster than the other. Or, to balance them out rather.

What is the best remote control airplane to buy under $80?


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Syma S012 Apache AH-64 Mini 3-Channel Infrared RC Helicopter ---NEW!
No Assembly required, Ready To Fly!Flight Stabilizing System with adjustable trimming control.
Real Helicopter Performance with Stable Hover. Full 3 Channels : Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward and Backward.
An incorporated auto stability system making it easy to fly.
A pre-installed 3 channel proportional wide beam infrared control system that is also tri-band A, B, C.
Recharging takes place via the transmitter. The transmitter has an Alignment Trim, a Charging and Power Indicator, a Left/Right Lever and a Trimmer.

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